Kawase cMirror


Kawase cMirror is our brand new mirror-trading platform.

Browse and mirror successful strategies from other traders or become a signal provider, earning commissions while other users mirror your trading strategy and send orders in the same direction with the touch of a button and by using your existing trading account.

  • Mirror Successful traders
  • Become a signal provider
  • Fully Automated
  • Transparent
  • Can be used with your existing account ID
  • No downloads required
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Involves Risk of Loss

Superior Infrastructure

Kawase cMirror was built and is maintained along our award-winning trading platform. Both products are deeply integrated which allows cMirror to utilize Kawase Trader’s superior trading engine, which greatly minimizes latencies, retains the same signature rapid execution for all users and provides the same transparency and order information.

All technology is hosted on the same cloud server that our main platform is hosted, geolocated around the globe with proxies used by global banks and tier-1 financial institutions, ensuring 99.9% platform uptimes.

Automated & Easy

cMirror’s intuitive user interface makes finding the perfect strategy and mirroring extremely easy. Once you follow someone, all orders are executed automatically, with detailed reporting.

Risk Managed

Setup and monitor your risk when mirroring a strategy by setting up your equity Stop Loss, adjusting the volume with which to follow, the mirroring direction, Take Profit settings and more.

Easy to Control

Start and stop mirroring instantly with the push of a button or define your commissions with a simple drop down menu when you become a signal provider.

Truly Transparent

View a detailed history of all the open and past positions your mirroring activity has produced.

Detailed in Analytics

View detailed analytics for all the strategies you might potentially follow like ROI history, Balance & Equity values, charts and past trading performance.

In your Language

Kawase cMirror is available in 16 languages, co-translated by traders around the world the ensure accuracy and relevance.

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Did you know?

  • We don't charge any commissions
  • We don't charge for real-time price quotes
  • We process 99.16% of all trades in less than 0.1 seconds
  • We are an official partner of the Kawase™ Sailing Team